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We know pets are part of your family and they bring so much joy to your life, but they can do a real number on your carpet. Cats and dogs love to use carpet as a scratching or digging spot. If your carpet is damaged by your pet(s), we are here to get those areas repaired for you. Everyday we receive calls from customers who have experienced pet damage, more than any other cause of carpet damage! We are a IICRC certified company in Carpet Repair and all of our technicians are experienced with Berber and patterned carpet which are specialty repairs. When are tech comes to your home he will cut out the damaged carpet and permanently graft in a new remnant. Now, carpet is impossible to match so our technician will need to use the exact same carpet from the original installation. If you do not have extra remnants stored away, our only option would be to go into the back of a closet that has the exact same carpet. We would cut out a section of carpet to use for the visible repair and then we would use a non-matching beige or light brown remnant that our technician will have on his truck to put back into the closet so you are not left with a hole. If you are a renter or concerned with a non-matching remnant going back into the closet then we would suggest that you go to Home Depot or Lowes. In their flooring department you can purchase a similar remnant to what you have in your home and our technician will be happy to use that for the closet permanent section. If you have questions about Carpet Repair or any of our additional services call our office at 602-688-4186. We can also provide you with a free, over the phone estimate. We typically have appointments available within two to three days and sometimes even same day appointments.

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