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If you pet has ever been trapped in a room while you were out, you can probably relate to the images of this carpet repair.  This is the most common call in we get in the office and as you can see, we have a lot of practice repairing them.  A lot of people ask “how would you repair this?” Well first, we would cut out the damaged area.  Then we would replace any pad that has been ripped out.  We would need a donor piece of carpet which we can take from a closet or if you have extra carpet we can use that too.  We will size up the donor piece for the area we cut out, and we will use seam tape and a flat iron to permanently install the donor piece.

This patch will outlast the life of the carpet.  Unless it is deliberately dug out again, it will not come loose during vacuuming or carpet cleaning.

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pet damage in the doorway phoenix az pet damage in the doorway phoenix az

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