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Whether its from foot traffic or long-term wear and tear, dirty carpet can make the entire room look bad. Make your rooms with carpet look as good as new by using this homemade solution to get rid of stains in heavy traffic areas.

The more you have guests in your home, the more you’ll have to deal with stains. A spilled glass of wine, a smudge of mud or chocolate, it can be frustrating to see stains on any part of the carpet.

Not only do you have to worry about stains, but you also need to worry about the effects of long-term wear and tear. Over time, the carpet will began to lose its brand-new sheen.

Instead of purchasing heavy-duty over-the-counter rug shampoo that can possibly damage your carpet, try mixing up your own homemade carpet cleaner and give those dingy areas a good scrub. We’ve got the perfect recipe for you to keep your carpet presentable.

– 2 tablespoons liquid detergent
– 1/4 cup all-purpose cleaner (for example, Formula 409)
– 1 scoop OxiClean
– 1 gallon hot water
– Protective gloves
– Large bowl
– One-gallon pot
– Carpet cleaning machine

Pour a gallon of water into a large pot and set it to boil on the stove. While the water is boiling, put on your rubber gloves and combine the liquid detergent, all-purpose cleaner and OxiClean in a large bowl.

Wait til the cleaning products have dissolved. Next, add the gallon of hot water. Pour it gently so you don’t create too many bubbles, which can lead to air pockets inside the carpet cleaner.

Pull out your cleaning machine. Pour the solution into your carpet cleaner, following the instructions for the appliance. Remember the cleaning solution contains a fair amount of water, so you can use it at full strength in the carpet cleaner.

Test a small spot to make sure that the machine cleans properly and that the solution or the machine damage the carpeting. Carpets are made of different materials; you don’t want the stain to get worse. Do not to use too much cleaning solution. Soapy residue can harm the carpet, and too much moisture can lead to mildew. Wait 24 hours for the test spot to dry to see the results.

Once you confirmed the efficacy of the machine, clean all the carpet with the machine, paying special attention to stains and other high traffic area. Just as you did with the test spot, wait at least 24 hours for your carpeting to dry, and then you’re done!

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