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This customer in Litchfield Park was moving out of his home. He had movers there packing up his furniture so he put his two dogs in the room. The dogs did not like being cooped up while strangers were in their home and attempted to claw and bite their way out. The home owner was shocked to see the damage to his carpet and couldn’t believe his dogs had done it! His home was being closed on the following day so he needed to find someone who could come out to fix the damage as quickly as possible and do a good job. Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning had an experienced technician available and he was able to get to this customer’s home within an hour. He did a pre walk through to evaluate the damaged carpet and walk the customer through the process of repairing this carpet. Using extra remnant that the customer had from the original installation, he was able to cut out the damage and permanently graft in the new section of carpet. This customer was so relieved and thrilled with the results and we know why! Just look at the before and after pictures. Our technicians all specialize in carpet repairs. We can repair standard plush pile, Berber or patterned carpets. We even offer repairs on commercial carpet. If, unlike this customer, you do not have carpet from the original installation we can still repair your carpet. We would take carpet from the back of a closet, use that matching section for the repair and then replace the closet carpet with a section of carpet that the technician has in his truck. Unfortunately, as carpet is impossible to match our tech would use a non-matching carpet remnant. If you are concerned about the remnant that goes back into the closet then we would suggest that you purchase something similar to what you have in the home from your local Home Depot or Lowes. Have that remnant onsite and our tech would be happy to place that back in the closet. Call our office today for a free, over the phone quote for carpet repair at 602-688-4186.

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