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It is safe to say that technology has become an integral part of the daily American life. In today’s technological era everyone has a Ipad, Ipod, smartphone and smart watches. Did you know that  58% of all Americans own a smartphone and 42% own a tablet computer?


We use these technologies because often times they make our lives easier and helps us make decisions more efficiently. Even our homes are becoming smart with “smart home” automation.


Our home appliances can now be connected through an app and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. This gives you the ability to turn off the lights in your home while you are away or adjust the thermostat with a simple tap of your phone.


This market in 2013 was worth $5.77 billion and is poised to skyrocket by 11.36 percent between 2014-2020 to $12.81 billion. This market is huge and diverse with many moving parts. Did you know that this market includes items such as carpet and flooring?


The Smart Carpet


Just when you thought you have seen everything, lighting giant Philips has developed a carpet that utilizes LED lighting technology. The goal of this technology is to help people navigate low lighting situations such as a dark movie theater or your home at night.


Imagine getting up at night and being able to walk around your home without stepping on your kids toys!! This alone makes this technology a must have!  The power of the smart carpet doesn’t stop there. Your carpet may one day save your life believe it or not.


A Carpet That Saves Lives


Researchers at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom have developed a smart carpet that can detect when someone falls and can learn walking patterns.


This is achieved by using a mesh layer of fiber optics cables under the carpet that can send information about how much pressure is being applied in a certain location.


Imagine if you were incapacitated and unable to call for help, a smart carpet would have the ability to notify your family or paramedics to your condition and send help.


As of now this technology is still in the development stage but the future is bright for the smart carpet.


What Does This Mean For You?


The carpet in your home is evolving just like the rest of the products in your home. While this innovative carpet technology is not ready for prime time, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the benefits of carpet.


Your carpet does an excellent job at keeping the air in your indoor environment clean. Carpeting can also reduce your utility bill by keeping your rooms warmer during the winter thus reducing the need for your heater.


These are just a few reasons to why carpet is good for the home. Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning can help keep your carpet looking great for years to come. A properly installed and maintained carpet can last you up to 10 years.


An annual professional carpet cleaning by our IICRC certified staff will ensure that your investment in your carpet is protected.


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