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At a first glance you probably think there is no possible way for these two very different industries to be related to each other in any way shape or form.

When you think of carpet, you are probably thinking about how good carpet feels under your feet. On the other hand, oil is something that you put in your car’s engine when the dipstick is reading too low!

Most people don’t know that the carpet industry is heavily reliant on the oil industry for their products!

The most popular carpets today are derived from oil. Nylon 6, Polypropylene, and Polyester fibers are used 99% of the time in the U.S. carpet industry

Did you know that the U.S. carpet industry consumed nearly 1 million tons of these man-made fibers in 2014?

As you can see the oil industry and the carpet industry are interrelated but are low oil prices hurting the carpet industry?


The Price Of Oil and The Big 2

If you have filled up your car recently, you know that gas prices have not been this low since the start of the great recession. As of right now the average price for regular unleaded across the state is $2.54/gal.

While this is great for drivers, the lower cost of crude oil has not translated into lower priced carpet for consumers. The price for these man-made fibers has gone down by as much as 36.5%.

So why isn’t the price of carpet coming down? There are many reasons why carpet prices haven’t come down as the price of crude oil has fallen.

The major reason why prices haven’t budged is because there isn’t much competition in the carpet manufacturing industry right now.

Shaw Industries and Mohawk control a combined 57% of the carpet and rug market right now.

Needless to say, these two mega corporations control what goes on in the industry when it comes to pricing.

There isn’t much you or lower oil prices can do about that right now.


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