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The past 8 days were spent training our newest business partner, Jordan Fennema, who is opening Calgary Carpet Repair & Cleaning in Canada. You can visit his brand new website by clicking here. Jordan learned the ins and outs of carpet repair and cleaning with hands-on training which included: seaming a 50 foot seam together at Phoenix International Racetrack for a trade show for team mobile, Carpet Install, Power Stretching, installing Cove Base at the Crown Plaza, Carpet Hot Water Steam Extraction Cleaning and permanent section Carpet Repair work. He is definitely a quick study and we are super impressed with his motivation! Jordan also spent a day in our office listening to calls, learning the pricing of jobs and learning our scheduling system we use called Service Monster.  He even booked his first carpet repair job back in Canada while he was still here training.

“Dreams and ideas are worthless if they aren’t backed by the sheer courage to DO”. We have all the faith in Jordan and Calgary Carpet Repair & Cleaning. He has the vision, passion and courage to venture into this new business and we are excited to cheer him on as he takes the Carpet Repair and Cleaning world in Canada by storm! Wishing you nothing but success, Jordan!!

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