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Living in Arizona we are spoiled not only by this beautiful weather but by all the outside activities that are available to us. Mountain Biking is one of those activities that our owner, Robert, participates in during his free time. Here he is riding 19 miles with his friends at McDowell Mountain. This is an easy way to escape work life, blow off some steam and connect to nature. Being out in the desert, navigating rocks and focusing on the trails in front of you will have you disconnected from technology and is a positive outlet.  You will be living in the moment and working out. Mountain Biking definitely beats a treadmill. Of course, mountain biking is not as easy as just riding a bike. It does take a certain degree of physical and mental stamina which in turn pushes you out of your comfort zone. And when you finally conquer that excruciating climb or drop you will feel stronger and more empowered. If you’ve never tried mountain biking you should. There is a super passionate mountain biking community all across the world and lots local to Arizona. These new friends will motivate you to push harder and help you create amazing memories with post ride drinks in hand.


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