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We love our sweet, adorable pets. But, sometimes they make messes that are not so sweet and adorable…  At Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning we offer four levels of service that cure pet odors, from run-of-the-mill odor to serious odor and wetting problems, depending on your needs. If your pet likes to go in the same place, and/or it has gone deeper than the surface, we can take care of it. We offer enzyme based deodorizers, or if it needs it, we can pull back the pad and seal the floor to prevent that urine from leaking back up. Also, if needed, we can take out the affected area of carpet completely and patch in a new piece. Since your carpets are germ hotspots, you want to also regularly get your carpets cleaned. Now find us on Google+!!

Chandler Pet Urine Repair 11-22-13 (2) Chandler Pet Urine Repair 11-22-13

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