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If you have noticed that your carpet has become wavy or rippled then you are in need of our Carpet Stretching service. This looseness is commonly associated with poor installation but it can be repaired. Power Stretching with a licensed technician will get your carpets tight as a drum without damaging your carpet! Our technician will stretch in both directions, across the length and then the width, cut off the excess carpet and then the tech will re-tack it all back down. We even offer a two year warranty on our power stretching labor so you don’t have to worry. All of the furniture in any room that we stretch does have to be removed prior to our arrival. If this furniture was left in place it would create a weight on the carpet and over time the rippling or waves would gravitate towards where that furniture is sitting. This would also void the two year warranty that we offer. For our customers that are not able to remove the furniture on their own we do partner with a moving company who offers our customers a discounted rate. This makes it so easy. Both companies show up at the same time and work in tandem with each other. Our office takes care of all the scheduling so you are not dealing with a third party. After the stretching we also offer additional services if needed. Our technicians are all experienced in Carpet Repair. They can repair standard plush pile and Berber or patterned carpet (which are specialty repairs). They are also all IICRC certified to clean Carpet, Upholstery and Tile & Grout.  If you are interested in our services please call the office today at 602-688-4186. All of our pricing can be given over the phone based on your approximate measurements or room count.

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