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Pet damage on steps is something we fix on a regular basis. If your dog or cat damages your carpet by tearing or biting at it do not panic. Call our friendly staff at our office at 602-688-4186 for a carpet repair. On the phone you will be asked several questions to help us provide you with a good price estimate for free over the phone. We will start with what city your home is in to make sure you are in our service areas. Then we will ask if you have a standard plush pile carpet which is in the majority of homes or if it is a premium carpet like Berber or patterned carpet. We will ask the size of the damaged area, length by width, as all of our pricing is done by size and then we will ask if you have extra carpet to use from the original installation. Carpet is impossible to match as it is created in dye lots so we always want to use the exact same carpet to make sure that you get the best results possible. If you do not have extra carpet from the original installation then we will ask if you have closets with matching carpet installed in them. If you do, we will take a section of carpet from the back of the closet to use for the visible repair. We will then replace that carpet with a completely non- matching beige or brown carpet remnant that our technicians carry on there trucks. If you are renting or selling your home and are concerned with what goes back in the closet then we will suggest that you cut off a small piece of the damaged carpet and take that to Home Depot or Lowes. In the back of the store in their flooring department you will find carpet that they sell on rolls. Compare to the section you took and find something similar to what is in the home. Purchase a section and have it onsite for our technicians. They will be happy to put that back in the closet for you. Once we have all this information we will be able to give you a good price and schedule your appointment. Typically within one to two days.

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