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Most people do not know what to do when their carpet gets loose and starts forming ripples.  If you carpet looks like the photos below, we can help!  Your carpet needs to be power stretched.  The furniture would need to be removed from the room/area just like in the photos below and we will stretch the carpet as tight as it can possibly go without damaging any seams.  If you need help moving the furniture, we have partnered up with Cor Company Moving who can send two movers to come with us to your appointment and move the furniture out and back in, one room at at time while we stretch.

The power stretching tool sits on one side of the room and has the teeth that grip the carpet.  Then a long pole reaches across the room all the way to the opposite wall and rests against the base board.  We expand the poles and it stretches the carpet one direction, move the tool a few feet over, stretch again all along one side of the room.  Then we will turn it and do the same process in the opposite direction.  The main reason the furniture needs to be removed, is because nothing can be blocking the tool from reaching across the room.

If you would like to see a video of how it works, click here.

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