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Homeowners, please beware. Not all, but most ‘seen on TV products or over the counter use exaggerated claims to lure individuals to buy their product.

Carpet repair kits use improper tools and techniques that can cause more damage in the future. These kits also use cheap material that are not capable of actually holding the repair together over time.

Do-it-yourself carpet patching uses inferior materials and equipment to produce a seal, and a professional can be more precise and fix any other problems that might be affecting the flooring.


Even though that carpet repair kit uses the same process as a professional technician, the quality does not compare to a professional technician. Not only are technicians trained to do the work, but they usually have years of experience in the field of doing the work.

Skills and experience is one thing the carpet repair kit does not offer. When repairing a large section or carpet in tight places, the repair kit might not offer instructions for complicated repairs.


There are special tools that are needed when repairing carpet. For example, when completing a carpet repair, sealing the repair requires a heat activated adhesive and a seam iron or industry standard glue gun.

This creates a problem with ‘do it yourself’ carpet repair kits. The products they use is inferior and the iron used in the process is typically a flat iron which is not capable of achieving the same results.

These materials are not capable of producing secure repair that will last over time. In conclusion, homeowners who shy away from professional assistance will have a poorly secured carpet repair.

Any heavy foot traffic or active play of small children will quickly rip the seal up and cause the flooring to bunch.

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