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Berber carpet damage is a real carpet repair emergency! Berber is a loop pile carpet meaning that strands of yarn is sewn into a backing material which creates thousands of yarn loops. When these loops are left uncut and are tufted into the backing they are considered a loop pile carpet. If you snag your Berber carpet it will begin to unravel like a sweater and create runs like pictured below. If left un-repaired this can lead to a bigger damaged area and a bigger bill. Our trusted and skilled technicians are experienced in specialty carpet repairs like Berber. Using an extra remnant from when the carpet was originally installed, they will cut out the damaged area and permanently graft in that matching remnant. If you do not have extra carpet from the original installation then we will take matching carpet from the back of one of your closets. Of course, we do not want to leave you with a hole in your closet so we will replace the carpet we take from the closet with a non-matching beige or brown carpet remnant that our technicians have on their trucks. Now, keep in mind that the remnant we use to replace the carpet we take from the closet will not match. Unfortunately, carpet is impossible to match as it is created and installed in dye lots. If you are a renter who is concerned with what carpet goes back in the closet because you are worried about getting your deposit money back we always suggest that you go to Home Depot or Lowes and look for a similar carpet to what you have in the home. If you find something similar and purchase a section to have onsite when our tech arrives, he would be happy to put that similar carpet back into the closet for you.

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