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Axminster Woven Carpets

These wonderful carpets are made in Axminster, which is a market town on the eastern border of Devon. This type of carpet is woven on a power loom and weaves high quality carpets that have many different types of colors and patterns. Axminster carpet is still made in Axminister but the type of carpet is now made all over the world. The carpeting industry here was started by Thomas Whitty in 1775. These quickly became the only choice for financially wealthy English homes and town houses. The original factory had been destroyed and in 1937 the carpeting manufacturers were back in business. This kind of carpet can be found in some of the finest hotels in the world.

They can also be found in houses belonging to royalty as well as in aircraft of major airlines. So this is a very popular carpet for discerning households. There are many different choices when looking at carpeting of this sort. You can choose by color, range, color and range or make it complementary to your household décor. You can also choose by color, style and natural colors when ordering this sort of carpet. Their website will allow you to order, to create and purchase any of their fine rugs.

Axminster carpets are woven, not tufted. Each color is wefted into the carpet and cut to the desired length. This provides durability and 12 colors can be used as opposed to the five of a Wilton. This makes it ideal for the residences of both the wealthy and of royalty. Axminster is the gold standard for durability and luxury is concerned. Now compared to Wilton carpet, the difference is in the method of weaving for these two carpets. Axminster is woven into each weft and then cut as opposed to the Wilton which is a continuous thread all the way through.

Wiltons are produced as well as the Axminster Carpets production facility and they are produces on state of the art Wilton looms and are much more diverse and can produce loop pile or cut textured carpets and is the preferred flooring for contract installation. Axminster, on the other hand is the most popular of the two floor coverings, especially for casinos, theaters and restaurants just to name a few of the applications for this type of carpet. These carpets are usually a combination of 80/20 wool-nylon combination but can also be done with 100 percent wool or other fibers.

There are many types of designs that are available for these types of carpets such as Rococo, Roman floor mosaics and Lansdowne for example. There are many antique rugs that can be purchased from England. They are also in designs such as Savonneries and French Aubussons for example. With so many different styles and colors to choose from including Starburst, Woodland, Palais and Salique for example, you would be hard pressed to find a better carpet. While they are still manufactured here in Axminster, Devon most production is now worldwide.

From China to America and from the Middle East to India there are many different manufacturers of these wonderful rugs. They can be expensive, bear that in mind, but you get a quality long lasting rug for the money and also get quality construction as well. Axminster is also a term used by many different manufacturers to classify the type of weaving process used in production of carpets. The only company that truly manufactures the true Axminster carpets is located in Devon, England. This is a guarantee of high quality and excellence in carpet making. British sheep, including Drysdales produce the wool for these carpets.

The company has its own mill where fleece is delivered after shearing. The wool is then opened and blended to provide the most suitable yarn. It is then woven after being carded. Cotton twine provides the warp and jute provides the weft. There are thirty different processes from wool to carpet and the end result is a high quality carpet with the Axminster name attached. This is the gold standard for carpet and has many competitors for the gold standard. As stated before, true Axminster carpet is still created in Devon, while there are many companies all around the world that create Axminster.

These carpets can be used in many different places in the home. With the many different textures such as Flat Weave, Berber Twist and Cut Berber, you have many different textures that can be placed both in the home and other places. There are many considerations as to where to put this type of carpet. You will need to determine what and where you will put this particular carpet. It is also good for high end traffic areas as well. With all the colors such as Rust, red, natural, Gold and green for example, you would be hard pressed to not find a color that you would like.

There are also several different styles to choose from such as Persian, Cameo, Floral, Natural, Damask, and Pindot, you will have many different choices when choosing a rug of this type. There are also different ranges such as Riverbed, Salcombe, Natural Plaid and Oxford Tweed just to name a few. You will have so many different choices that it will be up to you to decide where you put these lovely carpets in your home. So many choices and a wonderful rug that will last is the ideal. You can’t go wrong with these types of rugs.

It is no wonder why royalty, cruise lines and other discerning homes have this wonderful carpet for their homes and high end business. The quality of the carpet is unmatched and the colors and patterns are pleasing to the eye. No wonder Axminster carpets are known the world through for their high quality and long lasting as well as durable appeal. So if you are looking for high quality rugs with high quality construction and durability then look no further than Axminster Woven Carpets. They will have everything you need to snazz up your home.woven-carpet

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