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magiccarpetcleaning-logoToday we focus on a company we’ve connected with a while ago on the Internet: Magic Carpet Cleaning.
They’re based all the way on the other side of the Atlantic, in London, United Kingdom, and they run a carpet cleaning company called Magic Carpet Cleaning.
Let’s have a look at what they do, when they started working in our industry, and some other interesting facts they’re willing to share with us.
071809d1e2db3a4ad9bab73d38db5e22Hello from Zorik Adamian, the owner of Magic Carpet Cleaning,
Zorik Adamian is the owner of Magic Carpet Cleaning from London. He started this company in 2005, at that time offering what they call a man-and-van service.  Things moved quickly in the right direction because Zorik does a professional job, being certified to NCCA (the equivalent in the UK of the IICRC), and their teams expanded.  They now have four different branches covering all London, and they’ve also been accredited by SafeContractor and CHAS standards (two very well regarded industry regulators in their country). 
So what services does Magic Carpet Cleaning provide today?
residential300x300Well, today, we’re focusing on cleaning carpets, upholstery and rugs, and we strive to give our customers a truly local service by having local teams of technicians. They cover one or more boroughs (or districts, as you call them in the US) because the traffic in London is really busy and it would take us a lot — and I do mean a lot — of time to travel from one corner of the city to the other.  We also do end of tenancy cleaning, having worked with several property management companies in London for a long time now. In what we do, we put the customer first, and they always get a very competitive quote from us, and a bespoke service, as well. That shows in our customer retention rate which is now over 85%.
What’s the biggest job you’ve ever done?
home300x300The biggest job we did was in an area called Borehamwood, in involved a team of four technicians, working in a 7 story office blog with a surface of 420 square meters on each floor.  It was quite a large project and we did work really hard to get the job done. And we did it properly, there are some photos on our site, you can see for yourself.




What do you like about your business?  We like the idea of putting customers first, and giving them exceptional customer service. It’s one of our best assets.  We also like our free carpet care and cleaning advice service, which enables anyone in London to call us and to tell us what problems they have with their carpets, and we give them free advice on how to remove stains, extend the life of their carpets, and choose the right domestic hoover (or vacuum cleaner).  People like that, and that’s also one of the reasons we have such a high retention rate, as well as a growing number of word-of-mouth referrals.


Is your job odd, have you ever had to do anything out of the ordinary?  Well, it’s funny you should mention that: we were booked (my colleague and I) for carpet cleaning one day back in 2007, and when we got there we were asked to be witnesses in a wedding. Sure, it was fun and really out of the ordinary, we liked the idea behind, too, and guess who did all the carpet cleaning after the party had finished? That’s one of our fondest memories from our business, so far.
Where can people find you?  We’re based in London, and you can contact us by:
Telephone: 0800 680 9179
Website: Magic Carpet Cleaning
Find us on Facebook Here!
Find us on Twitter Here!
How far away from us are you?  We’re based in London. We’re 4502.76 miles (7246.49 km) away from Phoenix, Az!
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