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imagesThe carpet cleaning business is a mystery to most people who are not in the industry. There are new and innovative carpet cleaning agents, technologies and techniques emerging all of the time that aim to make your carpet cleaner faster.

While we applaud the innovation that is taking place in the carpet cleaning industry, we know that when something isn’t broke you don’t fix it.

Hot water extraction is by far one of the most effective ways to clean your carpet. Here are some interesting facts that you may have not known about hot water extraction carpet cleaning:

  1. The effectiveness of cleaning products increases as the temperature of the water increases. Water is generally heated to about 150+ degrees in order to provide maximum cleaning power.
  1. Hot water extraction reduces the biological contamination in carpeting.
  1. Hot water extraction reduces the need for cleaning chemicals. This helps clean up our environment!
  1. Hot water destroys the physical bonds between dirt and stains, thus making cleaning easier.
  1. Heated cleaning chemicals contribute to quicker evaporation of residual moisture. This means your carpet dries faster!
  1. Hot water enhances the cleaning power of low-moisture carpet cleaning.
  1. Hot water extraction is a cost effective carpet cleaning method that allows us to pass on savings to our customers!
  1. Hot water extraction is a versatile cleaning technique because it can clean natural fibers and upholstery without causing shrinkage.

What Should I Expect From A Hot Water Extraction Cleaning?

This is a logical question that we can answer for you right now. What you can expect from a hot water extraction carpet cleaning is a carpet that is free from outdoor allergens such as dust, pollen, mold and odor causing bacteria.

Why Should I Choose A Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned every 18-24 months depending on foot traffic, in order to maintain the warranty on your carpet.

What Do You Do When You Get To My Home?

When we arrive at your home, our professional carpet cleaning technicians are ready to go! You can rest easy knowing that your carpet will be well taken care of. Our basic carpet cleaning package includes the following:

  • Pre-vacuum
  • A pre-conditioning of heavily trafficked areas
  • Spot Treatment
  • Hot water extraction with a neutral rinse
  • A dry pass vacuum to remove excess water
  • Rake and Groom Carpet
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Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning is dedicated to helping our customers extend the life of their carpet. We know that replacing carpet isn’t cheap and that decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Our business is built around our core belief that it is better to repair than to replace your carpet. We can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars by simply making a quick phone call to 602-688-4186! You can book an appointment online from your computer, smartphone or tablet!!

A call to us will make your problems disappear! Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning is your full service carpet care company!

Our carpet cleaning and repair service area includes Goodyear, Avondale, Scottsdale, Buckeye, Litchfield Park, Phoenix and Peoria! We look forward to earning your business!

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