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The carpet in your home is something that you may not think about very often. It is a ubiquitous household item that can be taken for granted. Many people have carpet in their homes and everyone has their own idea about how to care for it. I want to share with you 5 tips to keep your carpet looking great all year round!

  1. Vacuuming Is Very Important

Believe it or not vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to keep your carpet looking great all year round. Vacuuming keeps the dirt and grime that gets tracked into your home to a minimum. The general rule of thumb is to vacuum once a week if you can. For high traffic areas you should vacuum at least twice a week. For more information click here.

For the best results look for vacuum cleaners that have the Seal of Approval and Green Label from the Carpet and Rug Institue. Vacuums with this seal are guaranteed to improve your indoor air quality in your home and clean your carpet well. Click here for more information about this program.

  1. Blot Stains The Moment You See Them

Throughout the year someone is going to spill something on your carpet. The key to preventing that spill from becoming a permanent stain is to blot the stain the moment you see it. Applying pressure to the stain soaks up the stain while it is still fresh and unable to settle into your carpet. Also blot from outside the stain toward the center of the stain to avoid smearing it around. Try these remedies also!

  1. Keep Mats All Around Your House

Keeping area rugs and mats around the house will help protect your carpet from foot traffic and the contaminants that are brought inside by shoes. Did you know that your shoes can track in harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Coliform?

During a recent study conducted by microbiologist Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona found that up to 421,000 units of bacteria were found on shoes after two weeks of normal daily activity. This is a good reason to take your shoes off before you enter your home!

  1. Re-Arrange Furniture

What does rearranging furniture have to do with keeping your carpet clean? It has everything to do with keeping your carpet clean. Moving your furniture changes your walking patterns and foot traffic on your carpet. This helps keep worn in tracks from emerging in your carpet. The less feet on the carpet the longer it is going to last. Rotating furniture around will keep your carpets cleaner longer.

  1. Hire A Professional

Even after you have tried the 4 steps above it is still a good idea to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet.  Professional carpet cleaners like Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning have the proper tools to deep clean your carpet and get the dirt and grime that is below the surface.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that your carpet be professionally cleaned at least every 18-24 months in order to keep your warranty valid.  If you have significant foot traffic this can be a much as every 6 months. We can help you determine a proper cleaning schedule for you if you like.


We Can Help

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning can help you keep your carpet cleaned all year round with our carpet cleaning services. We are 100% customer focused and can help you come up with a cleaning schedule that fits into your busy schedule. We offer a variety of carpet cleaning solutions to fit any budget.

For those on the go a low moisture carpet cleaning could be right for you. With fast drying times you can be back in your home in as little as an hour!

For those who want to have a less of an impact on the environment we offer a green carpet cleaning solution that you will like. The products we use are are soap free, odor free, non-toxic with no Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning is your full service carpet care company. One call to us at 602-688-4186 eliminates all of our problems!! You can also book your appointment online!!

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