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The AZ Cardinals contacted us to see if we could repair some seam damage that they had on one of their rugs and give it a good cleaning. They needed to have this rug back within a week for the next Cardinals home football game. Our technicians went out same day to pick up the rug and bring it back to our warehouse. We had to drive our truck into the stadium for loading and that was a super cool experience! This was the biggest rug we have ever worked on at 17’x30′. To repair the seams we had to cut the rug, trim each side of the cuts, removing the damage and then re-seam the rug back together. Then we gave it the best cleaning possible using our truck mounted cleaner and our Zipper Wand. This specialty wand cleans 30% faster and dries carpeting 35% faster than conventional wands. Take a look at the difference in the white areas in the before and after pictures! Click HERE to see our owner, Robert, showing you how the great the Zipper wand works. After cleaning, we set up air movers to speed dry this rug and then rolled it back up for delivery. We were able to return this rug in just 5 days which was earlier than expected! It was such an honor to work with the AZ Cardinals and we look forward to working with them in the future!

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