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Responsible Pest ControlRegular carpet cleaning is a key to EFFECTIVE Phoenix Pest Control… And natural pest prevention. Because carpets with food spills, and crumbs, easily attract pests like Ants, Roaches & Crickets {which in turn attract scorpions}, Mice, etc.

When Phoenix homeowners go without cleaning their carpets over a period of time, pest food sources BUILD up inside the carpet, in corners, and under baseboards. These tasty little morsels allow pests to THRIVE INSIDE Phoenix homes and can pose health threats to family and pets.

Did you know when you have your home treated for termites, your sub floor may need treated as well?  We get the call often, “I need the carpet pulled back so the wood sub floor can be treated for termites. Then I need you to come back to re-install the carpet afterwards.”  This is no problem for our team of expert carpet repair technicians.  After we re-install the carpet, we highly suggest having your carpet cleaned.  Responsible Pest Control is a highly rated pest control company in the valley.  See their YELP REVIEWS HERE. Responsible Pest Control Professionals deliver EFFECTIVE Pest Control services with RESPONSIBLE methods for the safety of family & pets!

Phoenix Carpet Stretching Carpet-stretching pole wasps bug scorpions

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