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Phoenix Pet Damage on Stairs

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning stayed busy this weekend!  We had several pet damage repairs to tend to.  One repair was in Phoenix and it was pet damage on stairs and on a tile to carpet transition area.  Great job Gerald!  A picture is worth a thousand words....

Phoenix Carpet Patch Repair

PCR was called to do a Phoenix Carpet Patch Repair. The family pet damaged the seam into a doorway and also a carpet to tile transition. PCR was able to repair both areas.

Carpet Patch Repair Gilbert

PCR was called to do a Carpet Patch Repair Gilbert AZ today. More puppy Damage! Read Review Click Here

Pet Damage Phoenix repair carpet

PCR was called to do a Pet Damage Phoenix repair carpet job today! There 80 lb dogs run up and down the stairs and tore a hole in the carpet on the landing and at the bottom of the stairs by the Tile entry way near the front door. The carpet was three years old and...