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Carpet ripple re-stretching Phoenix

PCR did Carpet ripple re-stretching Phoenix. The client had massive ripples running across a few rooms and they had been sitting there for over 2 years. This is what happens when carpet is installed poorly. read reviews HERE  

Phoenix stair carpet damage patch

PCR did a Phoenix stair carpet damage patch today. We removed the carpet off the whole stair and laid a whole new piece in and in came out perfect. read reviews HERE  

Phoenix carpet re-stretch

PCR did Phoenix carpet re-stretching today. There was a large ripple in a bedroom but we stretched it and cut the excess carpet away. read reviews HERE

Phoenix carpet stretch and retack

We got called out from Craig’s List today to install some Berber carpet back around a custom Desk and Murphy Bed. We take pride in doing custom work for people and see it as an honor to be the last man on the job to put the finishing touches on that Dream job!...