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Phoenix carpet repair & cleaning UV Lights for urine dedectionWhat glows under a UV Light?

White Paper; People; Petroleum Jelly; US $20 Bill; Tonic Water; Body fluids;, Vitamins; Chlorophyll; Antifreeze; Laundry Detergents; Household Cleaners (Irish Spring, Mr. Clean); Emperor Scorpion; Tooth Whiteners; Postage Stamps; Jellyfish; Some Minerals and Gems; and even the Spots on Ripe Bananas!

Dog urine stain phoenix carpet repair & cleaning

In the carpet industry, we use high powered UV flashlights which can be used even in daytime to spot pet urine contamination.  This light causes organic substances, including dog urine, to fluoresce or glow when you shine it on them, due to the proteins they contain.

A black light detects cat urine spots anywhere in your home that cannot easily be seen by your eyes alone, so it finds the spots that you can’t see, but can smell! Cat urine odor control is easy if you use the black light and find urine spots quickly. You’ll decrease the damage to your floors, carpeting, bedding, and furniture.


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