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This past weekend our owner, Robert flew out to Mound House, Nevada which is situated between Nevada’s capital, Carson City, and Dayton. Robert, was able to spend some time with the very humble owner and inventor of the TriFORCE Carpet Stretcher, Mario Garzanelli. Mario has been installing carpet for over 50 years and after suffering a knee injury in 2007, due to using a tool known as a knee kicker, he set out to create a better stretching tool for our industry. After studying high school physics books he began designing his own tools. In 2014 he was awarded a patent for his TriFORCE Carpet Stretcher design. There are currently five TriFORCE tools known as TriFORCE Pinner, TriFORCE Kicks, TriFORCE Power MAX Compact, TriFORCE Stair Max and TriFORCE MAX. This new stretcher is the world’s fastest carpet stretcher and stretches carpet thirty percent tighter than knee kickers. These tools can also get into tighter areas due to its compact size and requires no set up or take down. Robert was able to watch demonstrations on each of these tools as well as getting some hands on experience. He is excited to be bringing in these TriFORCE Carpet Stretchers for our technicians. Being able to make our stretching jobs easier on our technicians bodies as well as helping them finish jobs in half the time is a no-brainer. We want to be using the best tools for the job!

And of course, no business trip would be complete without a little recreational time. Robert was able to meet up with Mike Pailliotet, who owns Connoisseur Carpet Cleaning and who also runs, Mickey’s Board. Robert and Mike went kayaking at Lake Tahoe at sunset. They also got to ride 90 miles up into the mountains in an ATV called an Arctic Cat. There was even still snow up at the tops of the mountains!


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